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China Destinations

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China has everything needed to be the perfect destination: it is a huge country, the third largest in the world, with great diversity of climate. So, there is no a good time or bad time to visit it. There is just one reason to go there: its innumerable destinations. Some of the most famous and visited cities are Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin. Nevertheless, you can also go to Hong Kong, Kunming, or Quingdao. Beaches, mountains, desert, valleys, lakes and rivers are part of the astonishing landscape… Historic buildings, temples, and architectural masterpieces such as the Great Wall are part of this destination.
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Ancient Observatory10/30/2006
Ancient Ming and Qing Street10/30/2006
Ancient Culture Street10/30/2006
Ancient City of Jiaohe10/30/2006
Ancient City of Gaochang10/30/2006
Ancestral Temple of Chen Family10/30/2006
Alu Ancient Caves10/30/2006
Aiwan Pavilion10/30/2006
Abakh Kohja's Tomb10/30/2006
Kunming, the Spring City03/17/2006
Chengdu, the City of Hibiscus03/17/2006
Pingyao: The Turtle City03/14/2006
Guilin: The Forest of Sweet Osmanthus03/14/2006
Xi’an: The Land of Perpetual Peace03/14/2006
Beijing: Past and Present Combined03/14/2006
Dalian: The Distant Port03/14/2006
Shanghai: The Upper Reaches of the Sea03/14/2006
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