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Kunming, the Spring City

Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province. It is located in a plateau 2,000 meters high. It is also known as the Spring City because of its temperate climate and its average annual temperature of 18 centigrade degrees. Kunming has a population of approximately 2 million inhabitants, among which various nationalities cohabit. The Yunnan Province has the higher number of ethnical minorities in China. At the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, a wall was constructed to surround and protect the city of Kunming, and until the late 19th century it constituted an important commercial center that reached its real importance during World War II.

The Golden Pavilion is one of its major attractions; it is located on the Singing Phoenix Mountain, and its main area is modeled with shining bronze. Another one is the Daguan Park, in which you can find the Panoramic Sight Pavilion, branch of the Mercy Temple, built in 1690. The Pavilion has three levels with ceilings of yellow tiles and a square base. Also, you can visit the Dianchi Lake, south of the city, which is the sixth largest lake in China with an area of 340 square kilometers and a height of 1,875 meters above sea level. It is also known as the “Brilliant Pearl of the Plateau”, and it can be traveled by boat navigating through the hills of the west.

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