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Beijing: Past and Present Combined

Beijing is the capital city of China; it is located near the border of the northern plains. Beijing is bordered to the west by the Loess Plateau and to the north by the Inner Mongolia Plateau. It has an area of 16,808 square kilometers and its population exceeds the 11 million inhabitants.

Beijing is a fusion between past and present. The city is three thousand years old even when it only has existed for one thousand years as an imperial or royal capital. Its main attraction is having known how to combine its millenary culture with the rhythms of modernity, allowing cultures from various nationalities and times to exist together.

As the capital, Beijing is the center from which all the political cogs of China are operated. In its area, there are over 2,600 temples and monasteries, more than 50 sites with ruins left by ancient cultures and 24 entities of State protection, given its significance as cultural heritage. In this city you will find dozens of monuments, palaces, and temples famous in the entire world, with a notable antiquity and magnificence, becoming the main target of every visitor. Beijing is also a nice place for the tourist, with all the elements of a great city, in addition to being clean and welcoming.

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