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Dalian: The Distant Port

Dalian is a coastal city located south of the Liadong Peninsula that belongs to the Liaoning Province. It has an area of about 1,000 square kilometers and its population is constituted of approximately 1,8000,000 inhabitants.
Dalian is inside the tourist region of the northeast of China. It is one of the best places to enjoy the summer in the northern area due to the kindness of its weather and its numerous and beautiful landscapes. It is, also, a very modern city notable for its advanced technology and its clean and ordered streets. It possesses green hills, coral reefs, beaches, and an important commercial port. In order to enjoy the beach throughout the whole year, the Palace of Pilgrimages has been opened in the western part of the city.
However, Dalian not only has wide beaches with fine sand and sun for tanning, but also has a Natural Reserve, the reserve of Pingyu. In addition, in the city of Dalian you can find museums and galleries where you can learn about the customs of the different communities of China. You can also visit the Brick Tomb of the Han Dinasty and other interesting ruins. Dalian also has several zoos, such as the Dalian Forest Zoo, Shengya Ocean World and Polar World.

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