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China Attractions

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Many people go to china to visit the only human structure that can be seen from space: The Great Wall, which is, besides, one the greatest wonders of the world. However, other attractions such as the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Mogao Caves, Mount Huang, the Li River and Nine Hamlets Valley deserve being considering while planning a trip to China. It is for sure, you will understand China better once you have visited it. This is a blessed country which welcoming people are waiting for you to come and share with them the delight of traveling in China.
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Gezhou Dam10/31/2006
Genghis Khan's Mausoleum10/31/2006
Gegentala Steppe10/31/2006
Ge Garden10/31/2006
Garden to Linger In10/31/2006
Garden of the Master of Nets10/31/2006
Garden of the Humble Administrator10/31/2006
Gaocheng Observatory10/31/2006
Gantong Temple10/31/2006
Gansu Provincial Museum10/31/2006
Ganden Monastery10/31/2006
Fuzhou Stone Carving Factory10/31/2006
French Concession10/31/2006
Fragrant Hills Park10/31/2006
Four Gate Pagoda10/31/2006
Foshan Folk Arts and Crafts Studio10/31/2006
Foshan Ancestral Temple10/31/2006
Former Residence of Zhou Enlai10/31/2006
Former Residence of Sun Yatsen10/31/2006
Former Residence of Song Qingling10/31/2006
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