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Great Wall at Badaling

Chairman Mao Zedong said once: “He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” Perhaps, this verse of Chairman Mao Zedong is the best advertising for the Great Wall, which is today engraved in a memorial stone found in Badaling, the most famous section of the Great Wall near Beijing.

Akin to the meaning of Badaling in the Chinese language—“giving access to every direction”—it is located in an important road center, in the Yanqing district, 70 kilometers northeast Beijing city. Everyone must see, at least once in life, the incredible scene than these fantastic and amazing landscapes have to show. Badaling was the first section of the Great Wall to be open to the public, and until today it has received more than 130 million visitors, both native and foreign, among them 370 chiefs of state and important personalities around the world.

Badaling is a mountain trail linked to Jundu Mount; it is the highest point in the northern edge of the Guan’gou Valley, where another pathway known as Juyongguan is located, which was protected by the wall of Badaling for many years. Several interesting places and historical sites are found in the area.

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