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Sinotrading Will Begin Training Personnel From Chinese Manufacturing Companies

How to market to American companies thorugh the Internet in the complex world of e-commerce will be the seminar topic for Chinese company executives.

(PRWEB) April 1, 2005 --, an American owned and operated import/export (sourcing) company, will begin training translators, web developers and company executives from Chinese manufacturing companies how to market in the complex world of e-commerce. Attendance at the first seminar will be limited to the first 50 companies that request a space.

Chinese companies did some $60 Billion dollars worth of e-commerce generated trade last year and it is expected that the figure will rise by 25% in 2005.

Many Chinese companies are losing Internet business because they believe that just having a large number of visitors to their site will increase their ranking. The seminar will teach them many of the 100 factors needed to gain a strong position in Internet search results. will hold its first training sessions for Chinese manufacturing companies who wish to become a part of the growing trend toward online import/export trade. The seminars will begin in Guangzhou, China April 29, 2005 from 9-12 AM. The seminar will teach attendees the fundamentals of American Search Engine Optimization and how to achieve high ranking in the World's most search important engines like MSN, Yahoo! and others.. The workshops will take place at the world famous White Swan Hotel in Gunagzhou. The White Swan is a internationally celebrated 5-star hotel with world class meeting accomodations.

The seminar is for companies with or without a website. Special information will be available to participants who are frustrated with their placement in U.S. search rankings and would like to learn how to improve their staus at a minimal cost. All search engine customers have, so far, found themselves placed in the top ten search results in their manufacturing areas. is top ten ranked many keywords such as: Chinese manufacturing, Chinese Outsourcing, Chinese prototype manufacturing on engines such as Yahoo! and MSN.

Sinotrading,us is an American firm dedicated to assisting companies achieve success in outsoucing the buying and selling (outsourcing) of products through the Internet. Sinotrading deals with companies of all sizes but, especially seeks to assist emerging and smaller firms looking to become more competitive in the Internet marketplace. will also now offer editing, web design, ad copy assistance, search engine optimization and cultural consultation services to China based manufacturing firms who hope to capture part of the growing market for product outsourcing worldwide.

Cost for the seminars will be $20.00 US or 150 RMB.

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