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Wilderness Travel: A Pioneer Since 1978

Wilderness Travel was established in 1978 and since that date is the first pioneering travel. The original passion has been support, that there are a lot of kindred feelings out there who contribute to an enthusiasm for discover the most isolated locations of the planet.

As Wilderness Travel maintains its stewardship, it reports that approximately 70% of its tour associates every year are reiterate explorers or direct recommendations from past tours associates. The members are enormously thankful for such reliability and it will maintain the hard work to merit it.

Wilderness Travel works as a corporation for and of travelers. How it journeys is as significant to it as the locations it goes, and it is continually creating, finding out new travels, and discovering ways to develop traditional tours. Through its history, it has also stayed behind to a code of focused on the excellence, plan, and exceptionality of the tours, and, in particular, of guaranteeing that you have especially the best Trip Leaders.

Wilderness Travel Trip guiders come from around the world and from all paths of life including: mountaineers, ecologists, archaeologists, authors, teachers, art historians, and naturalists. Whatever their conditions, they all have a passion for traveling and a genuine delight in introducing you to favorite locations, civilizations, and out of sight places you by no means would have see on your own.

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