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Walking Adventures Specialized in Individual Service

Walking Adventures provides travels to discover the delight of sightseeing and walking plans that show you to the history, culture and scenery of the planet in a genuine, secure, enjoyable, and significant way. The flagship of its trip experiences is a quick impression of a region or country, giving highest importance for explorers concerned in experiencing in so far as possible.

Motor-coach trips provide the maximum flexibility to take advantage of your majority valuable trips services. Its guide takes you professionally from location to location with diminutive exhausted time, but on foot allows you get down the bus, extend your legs, and walk around the "must see" attractions and out-of-the-way wonders. It also utilizes rickshaws, vans, trains, dugout canoes, or ships, conditional on the situation, but the motor-coach is its preferred way of transport.

Its travelers are planned by its own staff of specialized and guided by its own staff of meticulous, friendly, and optimistic Walking Adventures International guides. One of its guide staffs will be with you from the beginning up to end. WAI guides will give a little and quick historical part mixing 5 or10 minutes of point of reference talks with trips of significant historical locations and memorials, small tours by regional walk over guides, and video and audio presentations as suitable. The trademark of its guide team, conversely, is individual service, taking care of you and assisting to take full advantage of your trip experience.

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