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Natural Habitat Adventures: More than 20 Years of Experience

Natural Habitat Adventures has more than 20 years of experience. It was established with moderately modest and unpromising beginnings. In 1985, 22 years old and lately retired from an unstable year as a school educator, Ben Bressler set up a shop in the reverse of a Manhattan tour agency, a "one-man show" determined to succeed in the promising and amazing business of journey travel. At night, he slept on the floor of his brother's residence and each morning he wrapped his laundry cash for a subway pass and borrowed a fresh shirt to wear below his only suit.

Working morally and conscientiously in the regions where he ran his tours and in his own society has always been a vital factor of his center philosophy at Natural Habitat Adventures. For the past 20 years, the company has strived to perform conscientious tourism by choosing the most dependable regional dealers and guides, by selecting to guarantee its activities, having a minimum impact on the regions where Natural travels, and by sustaining regional education, research and conservation projects.

The World Wildlife Fund selected NHA, in 2002, as an authorized Conservation Travel Provider. As a consequence, NHA became one of the corporations that provide trip choices to World Wildlife Fund associates in the world . The company appreciatively accepted this award as it feels that it is an evidence of its continuing labors to be a leader in the area of travel.

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