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MIR Corporation: Specialized on Destinations in Europe and Asia

MIR Corporation specializes in running its local operations. Dissimilar to many trip companies that provide tours around the world, MIR focuses completely in China, Central and East Europe, Moldova Mongolia, the Baltics, the Trans-Caucasus, Iran, Ukraine, Central Asia, Belarus and Russia. It maintains superior offices from Siberia to Western Russia and from Uzbekistan to Ukraine. It designs and operates its own tours in addition to providing ground services to other trips dealers around the Planet.

Nothing is more vital to the achievement of a tour than information. Nowadays, more data is obtainable earlier than ever; however, data is not equal to knowledge. MIR joins particular data about infrastructure and geography, art and history, culture and language, with the knowledge and profundity that comes from years of experience using them all as one.

MIR Corporation has been guiding explorers to these hidden and mysterious locations since the day it was founded in 1986. It is the best selected trip dealer for non-profit, educational and particular interest associations across the nation and it has a wide list of pleased customers.

MIR is certain that the area at the intersection of Europe and Asia is one of the last fine adventure journey frontiers, and that it has some of the most extraordinary natural and cultural treasures of the world. Of particular note are Prague's Old Town, the world's largest art collection, housed in St. Petersburg's Hermitage and the architectural wonders of St. Basil's Cathedral, the Mongolian steppe (still inhabited by nomadic people), Samarkand's Registan, the Great Wall of China and Siberia's Lake Baikal, the earth's deepest freshwater lake. Of identical regard are Armenia's remote monasteries, Georgia's culinary traditions, the pristine Kamchatka peninsula, the vibrant bazaars of Uzbekistan and the folkloric villages of Romania.

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