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General Tours a Loyal Guard of Customers’ Rights

General Tours is an origin associate of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) and a loyal guard of customers’ rights in journey. As a USTOA associate, General Tours has sent a million USD certificate to defend explorers’ payments.

Some of the types of trips that General Tours has are: Escorted tours, General Tours provides specialized guides with you all through the schedule. Hosted trips where you have an immense pact of liberty in addition with the advantage of a regional specialist to assist you use your time effectively. Independent plans that provide more time the option to expand or mix with other locations. Small vessel (stream) cruises, the most inexpensive, opportune and accepted manners to tour.
By combination selfless and exclusive experiences with outstanding worth, General Tours is capable of providing a wonderful journey at great costs. The Los Angeles Times, Travel + Leisure, The New York Times, and Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine have all named General Tours as an excursion corporation that provides superior tour principles.
General Tours was established in 1947. It is one of America’s oldest trip corporations. The corporation’s viewpoint created at the Geneva Peace Conference subsequent to the Second World War with an assignment to create links of knowledge between Eastern Europe and North America. Since that moment, more than 1 million explores have enjoyed General Tours' plans and small craft journeys to locations such as South Africa, China, Japan, South America, Russia, India, Eastern and Western Europe, Costa Rica, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Asia.

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