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Translating for the Chinese New Year

(I-Newswire) - To celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Dog, translation service provider Applied Language Solutions are offering a special lucky 8% discount on all translations to and from Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
The number 8 is considered lucky by the Chinese so to keep the luck going the special offer will run from January 8th through to February 8th 2006.

As well as the offer the Applied Language Website has had lots more Chinese related pages added, including information on the New Year Celebrations, recipes, zodiacs and simple everyday translations.

“This is a great way for us the showcase our translations skills, China has many dialects as well as two written languages Traditional and Simplified Chinese.” said Gavin Wheeldon the Managing Director. “China is fast becoming a huge world economic power and to enable those markets to be opened up business needs to be able to communicate in the correct manner. A vital component of this is ensuring that the correct written form is used. Our highly skilled team of Account Managers will ensure that your translations are in the correct language.”

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