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A Brand New Web Directory Debut

(I-Newswire) - Global Marketings LLC debuted their first human edited web directory several days ago. Thier chief, Jack Lee stated the directory will be a portal to quality websites, and they will do more efforts on it, aim for building a marked web library on the web.

Jack said " Due to the amount of websites is increasing much more, with the the advent of the search engine, we forget the web directory little by little, but we should face to a issue, there are many bad records in search engine. We can't drop directory, the originator of web index. Quality and Organized." has formed by three parts. The first part is a general web directory, it include nine categorized topics, such as "Automotive, Shopping, News", but it has huge difference from other directory, In every category, you may find a detailed explanation for the specific topics. Besides, it has clear navigation bar to make convenient for visitors. At the front page, you may find a speical top catalog, named "China Manufacturer Directory", due to China is the biggest products exporter in the world, its main fuction is to build a trade channel between Chinese suppliers and worldwide buyers. Speed the international trade. The China Manufacturer Directory is the second important part of namely.

People can submit sites to appropriate category, and you also apply to become the category's editor. But the application will be under a strict review by team. Just like the application for ODP editor. What's the third one? Please keep patient. need more and more content and suggestion from users, so the directory could not stop his step forever. the third one is his custom service.
Even as his slogan "Aim to collecting Quality Websites All over the Web! To Build a Comprehensive Web Library", we only to keep an eye on the web directory.

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