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(PRWEB) February 16, 2005 -- C.E.O. Alan Curtis of and his wife Patricia will be traveling to Hong Kong February 29th 2005. Mr. Curtis will be staying at the Newton Hotel Kowloon for a few days. The mission in part is to seek out business people in China and the surrounding areas that wish to conduct business in the North American market. "We are sure there are many products and services that the great people of China have to offer the western world that might not otherwise be able to access our market. Empower Search is a cost effective means to bring these services to our Western world" said Alan Curtis. "We may also entertain the idea of investors as we are always seeking ways to make Empower Search the most popular search engine in the world" said Mr. Curtis.

The Empower Search design was built by chief technical officer Benjamin Wilber around the dreams of what Alan Curtis hoped for in a search engine. The service was built on a platform that produces results almost four times faster than, 11 times faster than, 3.5 times faster than and edges out on speed and pride in relevant search results. "What we're trying to do here is change the way Web sites are retrieved and it turned out to be much more than I ever dreamed possible," said Alan Curtis, president of Empower Search LLC, the parent company of "There are millions of beautiful Web sites that won't be seen because of Google algorithms. What we're doing is breaking down those barriers and giving people different search results than what they'll find somewhere else, and we're doing it faster. It seems people love, users keep coming back; it shows in our server logs," he added.

For on-line businesses looking to increase their virtual presence and bolster market share, offers pay-per-click based marketing services. This means for as little as $0.10 per click, companies can have a more highly targeted advertising program with top search results on "We believe in simplicity and we know our clients want an easy-to-use system," Curtis said. "We also know many Internet users will not click on 'Sponsored Links,' and for that reason your results on will appear as a normal search result." The company's pay-per-click advertising allows Web site owners to select the ranking they wish to receive, and only pay when a customer clicks on its listing and visits its site. This marketing plan gives on-line businesses value with lower bid prices for top keyword positions, quality traffic, and best of all, higher-profit margins.

"Our advertisers will receive the highest return on investment here," Curtis added. "They pay only when users click through their site, they set their cost-per-click, and they're doing so on the fastest search engine out there. We are putting them in full control."

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