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Motherplanet Earth Explorer 4.0 for Windows and Mac OS X has been Released

Shanghai (PRWEB) August 17, 2005 -- Motherplanet, Inc., the professional solution provider of high-resolution interactive 3D digital world maps, today releases street-level resolution Earth Explorer 4.0. This educational program can run under Windows system and Mac OS X.

With Earth Explorer 4.0 edition, you will see these main changes.

1. 50m resolution satellite imagery;
With 50-meter/pixel resolution, you can zoom to street-level.
2. Add your own comments on places
You can pinpoint a place by name, or by coordinates and write your comment over it. For instance, you may add "Daniel's Home", followed by blah-blah-blah contents.
3. Add Place Mark
You may pinpoint a place either by its name or its coordinates.
4. Add Path;
You can add lots of pins to places to form a desired path. This is especially useful when you are planning for a travel.
5. Add Print Options and Print preview;
Some complaints that it is not easy to print out a digital map from our software, because there's not Print and Preview Option with previous version. We add this function, so that you could adjust resolution and the size of your print before you print them out.
6. Add map legend;
Map Legend helps you understand what dots and squares mean on the map.
7. Add compass;
When you rotate the digital earth, it will be hard for you to know the directions without the assistance of a compass.
8. Add scale;
Map Scale associate the actual size of the traditional map with vector description of digital map. It interpretes what 50 meter/pixel resolution means.
9. Add DMS and GPS formats for lat/lon input;
10. Enable zoom inl/out via mouse scroll;
Scrolling up your mouse will zoom closer into the map; scrolling it down will zoom out until the Earth looks like a tiny little blue gem in the vast universe.
11. Enable "Loading" notice while accessing data;
Loading will be displayed when Earth Explorer is accessing data from Motherplanet data server. It will take a few seconds or more (if your connection is slow) to present you a clear bird's eyeview. So please wait in patience while loading.

Earth Exporer 4.0 is commercially available at $59.95. For more information, please visit Motherplanet's website:

More products in the pipeline:
Mac version Earth Explorer is also available.
Mac users may experience the 3D digital map with 50 meter/pixel resolution that can zoom to street-level.

Earth Explorer for K12 program is available soon.
Earth Explorer for K12 is a tailored edition for school children. With K12 version, students would learn the concept of compass navigation, map scale, three distance units, three latitude/longitude formats as well as map grids.
They have full access to name of countries, cities and islands.
They can also pan or zoom the digital map for as deep as 300 meters/pixel.
Earth Explorer for K12 will better assist students finishing their homework, for it enables comments and marks onto the maps.
We will be dispatching CDs for Earth Explorer for K12 to you after you have ordered the product. We will be charging you $20 for delivery.
Check out more information about Earth Explorer for K12 on Motherplanet's Homepage.

The one with Earth Explorer WEB version.

Here's good news for schools and educational institutes that has intranet connection and wish to deploy Earth Explorer on intranet. Earth Explorer WEB version is designed for a group of users who wish to utilize Earth Explorer for researches or studies on monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually basis at a much lower costs. This Web version will soon be available. For more information, please visit Motherplanet's website:

For the past 3 years, Motherplanet, Inc. has been serving thousands of researchers, teachers and students. In a response to support and avocations of many schools and universities, Motherplanet continues its favorable pricing policy for them.

About Earth Explorer:

Earth Explorer is an educational program brings a plethora of geographic information right to your desktop. Both students and world-curious folks will find this application a fun, interactive way to learn. This application has been rated a five-star by CNet's

About Motherplanet, Inc.:

Motherplanet, Inc., founded in October 2002, focus on providing high-resolution interactive 3D digital world map solutions. By use its unique huge image organization technology, Motherplanet combine aerial and satellite imagery, shaded relief topographic imagery and kinds of map information together to give you a total 3D view of our beautiful mother planet earth.

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