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INX Helps Chinese Small Enterprises and Startups Compete in North America

(PRWEB) September 20, 2005 -- Logical Exchange LLC, the provider of INX Global Internet Phone Service at, has expanded its available services for Chinese small enterprises and startups to include a wide range of hosted VoIP services. Available over the Internet via broadband and dialup, INX Small Enterprise Services provide local phone services in the U.S. and Canada with all the major features that a company would expect such as voice mail, caller ID, follow me, conferencing and online account management. INX baseline services are available in a matter of hours when ordered online or subscribers can have more sophisticated hosted PBX and small enterprise call center services within a few days.

With competition heating up in China to provide products and services in North America, small enterprises and startups are at a disadvantage in competing with larger, more established companies. One cost effective way is to establish a virtual presence in North America by having a local telephone service there. With INX, Chinese companies can make and receive calls just as if they had an office in North America. For example, customers in North America can call a local or toll free phone number and the call will be answered in China for a fraction of the cost for using traditional international communication services. Calls from China are treated the same way ? even the Caller ID will show a North American phone number.

INX provides the Chinese small enterprise and startup a virtual presence in North America that brings them closer to their customers and substantially reduces their international telecommunications bill up to 80%. Companies can start with just one North American number or they can order more sophisticated products that allow for multiple lines and/or numbers. According to Jon P. Lowry, CEO of Logical Exchange, "Our company is focused on small enterprises and startups outside North America and China is our primary market. Our range of INX services give Chinese small enterprises and startups the communications tools they need to compete in the global marketplace with their larger competitors. This is especially critical in the North American market where the stakes are high and the competition is fierce."

INX is a virtual presence Internet telephone service that targets international markets with a focus on developing countries and cash-based economies. It is available over virtually any Internet connection in the world ? broadband and dialup. INX services are available directly to businesses from Logical Exchange's website or through its growing, local reseller channel. INX accepts major international credit cards, PayPal and its own INXcash two-way PC calling card from local resellers for cash-based sales.

INX's current offerings include services for both expatriates and business. Local number plans start at $7.95 a month with unlimited local calling and 2.1? per minute U.S. and Canadian long-distance calls ? one of the lowest rates in the market. International rates vary. Unlimited long-distance service packages include unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada for $19.95 per month for personal use and $39.95 for non-call center business use. U.S. and Canadian toll free 800 number service offers both incoming and outgoing calling. Subscribers can start with just one line and seamlessly expand as their business grows. North American 800 toll free service is $4.95 per month per plus 4.5? a minute for incoming 800 calls and 2.1? for outgoing calls to the U.S. and Canada. Small enterprise call center services and hosted PBX services are also available. All INX subscribers receive free PC phone software (a $50 retail value), and may use the service within hours of subscribing with their own PC or USB headset and microphone. Or they may use their own SIP-based IP phone, gateway or IP-PBX. Subscribing is risk free with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Logical Exchange, LLC is an enhanced IP communications service provider, offering a global communications experience with affordable IP-based services. With a foundation of business development, operations, product development and marketing, Logical Exchange, through its International Number Exchange website, provides services worldwide - developing and launching services for telecommunications and the Internet. Please note that INX does not provide emergency, 911 or similar services and is not intended to replace regular, local telephone service in the U.S., Canada or any other country. None of the company's services are available to subscribers in the U.S. due to FCC regulations.

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