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Avalon Books Enter China As Red Sky Licenses Beijing Sunchime To Market Continuing Avalon Book Series For Girls 8 to 12 Throughout China

Red Sky CEO Robert Mandell says, “Avalon’s themes of animals, magic, friendship will strike a chord with China’s ‘tweens.” Liuyi Wang, VP of Sunchime, adds, “Avalon's themes will help China's children become more environmentally aware." Red Sky COO Micky Hyman notes, "The Avalon book series opens the door for more licensing in China."

New York & Beijing (PRWEB) November 15, 2005 -- Red Sky Entertainment announced it licensed Beijing Sunchime Cartoon Comic Culture Media Co. Ltd. to publish and market its hit Avalon book series in China, to bring the magical adventures of Avalon to girls 8 to 12 throughout China.

Sunchime, China’s leading animator of children’s entertainment properties, will market the Avalon series through Beijing Sunchime and Sunchime’s 21st Century Publishing unit.

Avalon consists of an ongoing series of books, with 10 now in circulation and more planned. The most recent, “Heart of Avalon,” is now launching in the U.S. In 2006, three more Avalon books will be published.

Robert Mandell, Chief Executive Officer of Red Sky, said, “We expect Avalon’s universal themes of animals, magic, friendship and care for the environment will strike a chord with China’s ‘tweens.”

Liuyi Wang, Vice President of Sunchime Cartoon Group, parent company of the publishing unit, said, “We selected the Avalon book series from many we considered. The Avalon storylines and characters will inspire the imaginations and enhance the creativity of the China’s young girls. The environmental themes will also help children become more environmentally aware. We look forward to using our strong distribution and marketing capability to bring the wonderful continuing series of Avalon books to children throughout China.”

Micky Hyman, Chief Operating Officer of Red Sky, said, “Avalon books open the door for Avalon licensing in all appropriate product categories in China. Avalon is entering a dynamic time, with a feature film in development and several more books in the Avalon series to be released next year. The Avalon books blend adventure, girl power, friendship and magic into a spellbinding fantasy series with great potential in publishing, entertainment and in the retail marketplace.”

Sunchime will publish the books in China, beginning with the first and second titles, and progressing in sequence. Sunchime will introduce the Avalon series in China, beginning with book one and continuing in sequence.

Mandell, whose Emmy winning TV entertainment credits range from the “Galaxy Rangers” to the “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” series, said, "An important characteristic of Avalon is storytelling that ignites imaginations, builds loyalty and drives entertainment industry interest. Books are a wonderful and powerful way to build the Avalon brand for kids.”

Avalon author, Rachel Roberts, said, “We welcome the children of China to Avalon, a world where magic is real and friendship is everything.”

With the publication of the latest release, “Heart of Avalon,” the hit series is approaching one million copies sold. In the U.S., the “Avalon” book series is published by CDS Books, based in New York City, “Heart of Avalon” is the fourth in the “Quest for Magic” series, which followed the six-book “Web of Magic” series by the prolific and talented Rachel Roberts.

Avalon follows the adventures of three very different teenage girls, the unlikeliest of friends, all drawn to a secret place deep in the woods. There, in what used to be a wildlife preserve, they find a portal to another world through which strange and magical animals have emerged, searching desperately for the magic that will keep them alive. The animals are peaceful and good, but what follows them through the portal is pure evil. The girls embark on a journey to become mages as they search for the source of magic: the hidden, enchanted land called Avalon. The secrets the girls uncover will endanger them, and the friends they make, both human and otherworldly, will change their lives forever.

In America, Avalon has had a series of successful retail promotions with Borders Books and Music and Barnes & Noble including a multiple city touring show featuring live music, prizes, as well as music CD giveaways featuring songs from the magical band “Be*Tween,” produced by Sony Wonder. Avalon is also partnered with NAHEE, the youth division of the National Humane Society, as a vehicle to inform tweens and teens about animal rights and environmental issues.

Red Sky Entertainment, based in Los Angeles and New York City, is a company engaged in the development, production, and licensing of branded children’s and family properties built upon a foundation of publishing and innovative and cooperative marketing and licensing programs.

In addition to the Avalon series, Red Sky’s properties include “Ringworld,” based on the award-wining science fiction classic book by Larry Niven; The Wompkees™, based on the magical world of elfin creatures; The Galaxy Rangers, the classic anime space western adventure, as well as other publishing properties; Web Warriors; R.U.S.T - Robotic United Street Team; Major Weirdo, Dragon Hunter; Eden and Stages books for teens.

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