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MING Chat Monitor to Help SMBs Manage All Major Public Instant Messengers Use

HANGZHOU, ZJ (PRWEB) December 6, 2005 -- MING Software announced the release of MING Chat Monitor, the new version of a Low-Cost IM Management Product for the Windows-based platforms. Starting at $29.95, the application help small and medium-sized companies control IM use by real time monitoring all chat traffic flowing around the local network, including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and QQ.

"Here, at Mingsoft, we are committed to improvement of the technical capabilities of our products while streamlining and simplifying their use, "said Jason Luo, manager at Mingsoft Inc. "The program provides customers with powerful tools to control rampant and uncontrolled IM use."

MING Chat Monitor features the Packet Analysis Module that enables the administrator to capture all network data stream in real time, filter and decode packets, reconstruct instant message sessions. Then the application displays chat conversations accurately by millisecond and save them to a local database.

The administrator can browse conversations in message DB conveniently by computer name and date/time, search conversations that contain a specific word or phrase, and set custom name for any computer. A useful statistics tool help administrator analyze the usage of different instant messengers, and see the top users in the company by messages or chat time.

MING Chat Monitor is invisible on the PCs it's monitoring. It will monitor all computers on the corporate LAN without the use of client software installed on the remote.

About MING software

Founded 2005, MING Software safeguards public instant message use for companies, schools and government organizations of all sizes around the globe. We are committed to providing corporate developers, networks administrators and IT professionals with high quality, cutting-edge technologies and products that improve the management of instant message.

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