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Zorpia Continues to Make Photo and Journal Sharing a Breeze

(PRWEB) December 20, 2005 -- is introducing an email notification feature that will effectively streamline the photo and journal sharing. With unlimited photo storage capacity, the feature hopes to boost photo sharing between users. Since Zorpia has over 1.4 million active members with 2.5 million page views per day, the new feature is expected to substantially increase the website’s traffic and membership.

Enhance Photo Sharing

Zorpia’s email notification will exceptionally enhance the photo sharing dynamics.

* Customized delivery, quick response - Email notification allows newly posted photos to be distributed to the subscriber at their own pace (either instantly, daily or no alert). Users will have direct access to those photos through emails and are able to provide fast feedback through this new system.
* More interaction, more uploading - Zorpia’s photo album feature has been the primary usage in the website. The email notification encourages users to upload more photos and facilitates closer connections between friends.

“We have 7.5 million photos in Zorpia. It is important to take advantage of this aspect and create more interaction among our members.” Jeffrey Ng, the founder and CEO of Zorpia said.

Enhance Journal Sharing

Journal sharing is also expected to maximize people’s communication with each other through Zorpia.

* Read from the email - Email notification extracts part of the journal in the email, so users can read from there then choose to comment right away.
* Combining journals and photos - With the photo insert feature in Zorpia’s journals, the email notification will present the photo within the journal so as to better illustrate people’s ideas.

“It is a meticulous and calculated design which revolutionizes the old concept of email notification. Users can instantly obtain the latest news from their friends; in the mean time they can share their own stories in the same fashion” Jeffrey Ng said.

More Highlights about Email Notification:

* The feature also categorizes the website into several email notification directions: private messages, comments, friend requests, album subscriptions, journal subscriptions, profile photo subscriptions and profile subscriptions.
* The email will only be sent out according to the personalized email notification settings. 
* Instant emails - it allows users to receive instant alerts whenever a new message or subscription update is sent out. 
* Daily digests - it lists all the messages or subscription updates of the day in a single email digest that will be delivered the following day. 
* No email - Users choose not to obtain any alert emails for the corresponding category.

“The combination of our diverse features and email notification settings makes customization even more flexible. We expect to see growth in page views and revenue, and most importantly in the interaction among our users” Jeffrey Ng said.

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