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Introducing...China's Rising Wildlife Artists, Huang Juan and Yaliang

Cendy, aged 27 this year, and Daogan, mid-thirties, have been painting for over ten years. Professional artists, they are rapidly developing an international following.

(PRWEB) January 11, 2006 -- China's rising stars Cendy and Daogan, introduce their beautiful realism style oil on canvas paintings to an international audience through affordable private commissions. Sketched freehand on canvas, painted precisely with varied brush strokes and particular attention to the slightest detail and lighting, Cendy and Daogan are rising young stars in a country devoted to excellence in oil painting artwork.

Cendy, {Huang Juan}, is twenty-seven years old this year. She has been painting since she was sixteen and is a graduate of a well respected fine arts University in China. She is signed with Zoch Art Xiamen Co,LTD. a gallery/studio in Fujian, Future Coast, China.

Cendy is a quiet young woman, devoted to her craft and talented beyond her years. Her works are detailed to the individual blades of grass and the animals are captured in lighting and fur detailing so real that they seem like photographs. Each work takes her several weeks to months to complete but the end result is a beautiful work of art well worth the wait. Her love of animals and ability to capture the fine physical traits of an animal that distinguish it from others in its species is a rare talent and sets her work apart.

Daogan {Yaliang} is a professional artist with over ten years of experience in wildlife realism, oil painting. He is well known for his exceptional brushwork and depth in each painting. He is able to capture action as well as to paint animals in extreme closeup settings, with fur detailed and musculature deftly defined. Daogan graduated from a well respected Fine Arts University and is becoming internationally collected.

This year, both Cendy and Daogan will begin to enter international competitions. In 2005, they each completed several commissions for international organizations and businesses.

Their works have appreciated rapidly, and will continue to go up as their reputations grow.

Zoch Art Xiamen Co,LTD is registered and a member in good standing of Square Trade, which monitors business activity internationally and which promotes fair business practices, ethics and standards.

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