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Chinese Language Institute of Beijing Launches “1-Month Mandarin™” Program”

Intensive Chinese program offers professionals and students seeking to learn Chinese a new way to learn Chinese through computer-assisted language learning and prioritization of learning skills.

Beijing, China (PRWEB) March 6, 2006 -- Chinese Language Institute of Beijing (C.L.I.B.) has launched its short-term Chinese language learning program, “1-Month Mandarin™”. C.L.I.B. was founded in 2005 to offer a new kind of Chinese learning experience to students and professionals interested in studying abroad in China or doing business in China.

With China's entrance into the WTO and with the Beijing 2008 Olympics on the horizon, the need for expedient methods of learning Chinese has grown. The Department of Commerce states 14,000 US companies are doing business in China. Chinese language communication skills in young professionals and graduating students are highly sought after by companies desiring to do business in China. The “1-Month Mandarin™” program helps meet this need by providing a fresh and focused approach to learning Chinese.

The program’s specialized focus is helping students learn Chinese communication in the most practical manner possible. "There are two major groups of students learning Chinese," says Matt Worley of C.L.I.B. "There are those that want to pass the HSK (the Chinese language proficiency test, which requires a lot of handwriting Chinese characters) and those that are looking to do business in China or find opportunities in China. It is the second group that we are helping learn Chinese. We teach them modern skills such as typing Chinese characters rather than writing Chinese characters by hand."

The new Chinese language school offers Chinese learners special features such as:

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
Computer labs and Chinese learning software built into the curriculum
Complete assistance from arrival in China until departure
Uniquely produced Chinese learning materials
Two hours per day of personal Chinese language tutoring

Short, intensive, Chinese classes are the specialty of the program. Students wishing to study in China for longer periods of time can do so through an agreement with the University of International Relations, also in Beijing, China.

Ms. Zhao, Chinese Language Program Coordinator, states, "This new approach to studying Chinese enables students to learn conversational Chinese much faster than traditional methods used by other Chinese language schools in China."

This approach to learning Chinese is designed to deliver the equivalent level of Chinese language speaking ability as a one-year Chinese language course in America. Mr. Worley explains, "When you start with great Chinese teachers, invest in the best Chinese language software and materials, and invest in a personal tutor for every student while simultaneously focusing on the most useful communications, you are bound to experience increased levels of Chinese language acquisition."

About the C.L.I.B.

The C.L.I.B. was established in 2005 as a Chinese language school providing Chinese studies to foreigners who study abroad in China. The mission of C.L.I.B. is to provide Chinese language learning opportunities to firms and individuals desiring to do business in China. The school in China focuses on modern communication and spoken Chinese. For more information please visit the C.L.I.B. Chinese school website.

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