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China is located in Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam. It has an extremely diverse climate, tropical in south to subarctic in north. It is world's fourth largest country after Russia, Canada, and US. Beijing is the capital of China. It has 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities.
Taiyuan is a prefecture-level city in China, capital of the Shanxi province. It is prefecture-level municipality is an administrative division of the People's Republic of China, ranking below a province and above a county in China's administrative structure. Prefecture-level cities form the second level of the administrative structure. Taiyuan is an ancient capital, constructed by Zhaojianzi in 500 BC, Before Christ named Jinyang. It was renamed Taiyuan in the Qin Dynasty. There are several Kings come from this city, so the other name of the city is Dragon City.
Taiyuan has an urban population of approximately 1.83 million people and a metropolitan area of about 2.93 million people. Tourist attractions in and around Taiyuan include Chongshan Monastery, Jinci Temple, Twin Pagoda Temple, Mount Wutai, Shuanglin Monastery, Liu Xiang. Taiyuan is twinned with the British city of Newcastle and the Australian city of Launceston.

Taiyuanis a prefecture level city which is surrounded by various countries. The city supports modernization and values business. Various industries have evolved in this city. Along with all this, the city has an outstanding natural beauty.

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