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China is located in Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam. It has an extremely diverse climate, tropical in south to subarctic in north. It is world's fourth largest country after Russia, Canada, and US. Beijing is the capital of China. It has 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 municipalities.
Huainan is a prefecture-level city with 1,076,000 inhabitants in central Anhui province, People's Republic of China. It borders the provincial capital of Hefei to the south, Lu'an to the southwest, Fuyang to the west, Bozhou to the northwest, Bengbu to the northeast and Chuzhou to the east. The name traditionally refers to the entire area south of the Huai River and north of the Yangtze River, which includes the present day central Anhui. The historic political center of the Huainan area lay in Shouchun. According to the 2004 census, population was 2,335,798, and area is 2,596.4 square kilometers.
This city history are include The name Huainan first came into existence in 203 BC, Before Christ when Liu Bang bestowed upon Ying Bu, one of his most trusted generals, the title of the King of Huainan. The capital of the Kingdom of Huainan was situated in the present day Lu'an. Later, after Ying Bu was executed, the title was transferred and the capital moved to Shouchun. In 164 BC, the kingdom was divided into three, one of which retained the name Huainan and continued to be administered from Shouchun. In 122 BC, with the suicide of the third King of Huainan Liu An, the kingdom was abolished and the area renamed Jiujiang Commandery, which was its old name before 203 BC.
The prefecture-level city of Huainan administers 5 county-level divisions, including 4 districts and 1 county such as Tianjia'an District, Pangji District, Xiejiaji District, Datong District, Bagongshan District, and Fengtai County. These are further divided into 66 township-level divisions, including 24 towns, 23 townships and 19 subdistricts.

Like some of its sister municipalities and towns, Huainan is blessed with beautiful surroundings and a unique natural setting. The picturesque scenery, the majesty of nature, the slow pace of life, and the welcoming nature of its people all combine to make this region one of the most important tourist attractions in China.

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