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Qinhuai River

China, an East Asian country is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has a vast cultural history of more than five thousand years and an outstanding natural beauty. On the other hand, this country has remained a comparatively isolated and secluded one, and being a land of mystery, this country is not known to the western half of the world. However, China is rapidly developing and has grown in the phase of modernization, with an immense speed and is also welcoming the outer world to interact and do business with them.

The Qinhuai River has been a tourist attraction in China and flows for 5 kilometers through the southern part of Nanjing. Qinhuai is divided into inner and outer rivers. The most frequented place along the inner river is the Confucius Temple. It is a grand temple with modest styles, which was built in the honor of famous Chinese sage, Confucius. Zhonghua Gate, also found along the inner river, is the largest city door in China as well as the best conserved and most intricate city door in the world.

The outer river on the other hand resides between Yangjiawan lock and Qin Huai lock. The area is designated as a new tourist route, because it encompasses views of Nanjing city, a city wall from the Ming Dynasty, and the Jiangsu Nanjing television tower. While floating on one of the traditional, recently restructured, painted boats of the region, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sights of the Qin Huai River.

Finally, there is the Zhanyuan Garden, which was constructed in the Ming Dynasty which lasted from 1368 to 1644 century and is the oldest existing garden in Nanjing City. Recent renovations have the Qinhuai River and its famous sites to their former beauty.

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