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Peking Man Site

China, an East Asian country is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has a vast cultural history of more than five thousand years and an outstanding natural beauty. On the other hand, this country has remained a comparatively isolated and secluded one, and being a land of mystery, this country is not known to the western half of the world. However, China is rapidly developing and has grown in the phase of modernization, with an immense speed and is also welcoming the outer world to interact and do business with them.
Peking man site is one of the popular tourist attractions of China. This site has gained prominence owing to the most important archaeological findings of the first skulls of Peking man in 1929. The site is located in the Zhoukoudian village at about 48 kilometers to the southwest of Beijing. The tourists can also discover here the caves occupied by Peking man, which are located on the northern face of Dragon Bone Hill and span 140 meters at a height of 40 meters.
The fossil remains at Peking man have been approximated to be around 500,000 years old. Aside from the Peking man, bones of almost 40 inhabitants, most notably Hilltop Caveman that are found here, provide an interesting look into this historical community. The cave where Hilltop Caveman lived can also be visited.
Additionally, the site here possesses an exhibition hall which displays the fossil remains of the human inhabitants, animals, stone tools and decorative objects. However, most of the original fossils were lost en route to the United States for safekeeping during the Second World War and only a few genuine articles remain at the site today. Peking man site, justifiably so, enjoys a positive reputation from world wide tourists and adds to the beauty of China, making it rich in the heritage and tradition.

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