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Dai Temple

China, an East Asian country is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has a vast cultural history of more than five thousand years and an outstanding natural beauty. On the other hand, this country has remained a comparatively isolated and secluded one, and being a land of mystery, this country is not known to the western half of the world. However, China is rapidly developing and has grown in the phase of modernization, with an immense speed and is also welcoming the outer world to interact and do business with them.
Dai Temple is located on the southern foot of Mount Tai in the city of Taian and has been for a long time the starting point for climbing the mountain. In imperial times, it existed solely as the resting place for emperors before their hike up the mountain. The temple is extremely large, covering an area of 96,000 square meters. The temple focus is the main hall, the Temple of Heavenly Blessing, which dates back to 1009 AD, Anno Domini.
The hall is an excellent example of traditional Chinese architecture. It is on a terrace surrounded by a white stone railings, has red columns and red doors with ornamental carvings, set against a yellow glazed tile roof. Inside the temple, there is a stunning 62 meter mural depicting the procession of the god of Taishan. In addition, there are stone steles, a bronze pavilion, an iron pagoda, religious stone structures all set in a lush pine tree filled complex.
Dai Temple is one of the preeminent, historical and potential tourism destinations that is located in the Taian city of China.

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