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Cold Mountain Temple

China, an East Asian country is one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has a vast cultural history of more than five thousand years and an outstanding natural beauty. On the other hand, this country has remained a comparatively isolated and secluded one, and being a land of mystery, this country is not known to the western half of the world. However, China is rapidly developing and has grown in the phase of modernization, with an immense speed and is also welcoming the outer world to interact and do business with them.

Built during the reign of emperor Tianjian of the Liang Dynasty, Cold Mountain Temple is located in the town of Fengqiao, 5 kilometers west of Suzhou. It is named after Hanshan, one of two high priests of the Tang dynasty who is said to have lived and conducted prayer services here. Tang poet Zhang Ji also eternalized this temple with his famous poem nchorage by the Maple Bridge describing the sound of the temple bell.

Among the relics found at this temple is a replica of the famous bell, stone statues of Hanshan and his friend Shide as well as an archive of Buddhist scriptures. Cold Mountain Temple justifiably so, enjoys a very positive reputation with worldwide travelers, and is one of the most visited place.

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